King of Shaves Hyperglide | fnatic | eSports | “Razor of Legends” | League of Legends feat. xPeke

Like me, many of you (probably) don’t know what eSports ‘are’ but trust me, they’re growing off the scale in popularity!  Played and watched by tens of millions world-wide, by a young audience aged 15-25 (or so!) you can read more about this gaming phenomenon here!

As we prepared to launch Hyperglide in January, we signed a sponsorship/brand alignment deal with fnatic, one of the leading global teams, and their roster of players.  With over 1.4m fans on their facebook page, and a global projection of cool gaming talent, so as this next generation of gamers grow in number, we wanted our brand, and new Hyperglide razor to appeal to these guys (and girls!)

xPeke” is one of Fnatic’s top League of Legends players, and along with his team partners you can meet here are taking us into a brand new space of engagement and relevance.

I’m delighted King of Shaves is one of the world’s FIRST consumer brands to move into this space, historically sponsored by complementary gaming & tech brands, and I’m sure we will unleash an avalanche of interest in this sector.

These guys work hard, play HARDER and are super-critical of products and brands attempting to align themselves.  It’s great they love our products – see this first video by xPeke here and his latest one featuring him shaving with Hyperglide here, and to find out more about how we partner with fnatic, you can visit our co-hosted microsite here!

League of Legends stars meet Razor Royalty!  Be the best.  Be KINGS!