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The shave.com blogs are provided by a business called The King of Shaves Company Ltd. Because we’re a business, there are lots of rules about what we can do and what we can allow you to do here. We know this is boring but we’d really be pleased if you’d read these rules (which are called our ‘terms of use’) before you do anything here.

We don’t monitor this site round the clock and we can’t guarantee that we’ll read your contribution. Using this web site means you agree with these terms of use.

When posting a comment or using any public area of the blogs, it’s OK for you to:

1. Post comments on any topic you like (as long as it’s not illegal, rude or boring).

2. Tell us what you think about our products and those of our competitors or of their competitors (likewise, unless we judge it to be illegal or offensive).

3. Ask us questions, ask other users questions, ask yourself questions. Like we said before, we can’t guarantee an answer from anyone.

4. Tell us things, tell the world things, tell your pets things. You shouldn’t think of these blogs as a formal way of contacting the firm, though. There are better ways to do that.

5. Link to web sites and other online stuff, provided they’re not illegal or offensive (like we said).

There are a few things we’d like you not to do too:

1. Don’t post or link to anything illegal or offensive.

2. Don’t post anything you don’t have permission to post (like private or copyright material).

3. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

4. Don’t pretend that you created something you didn’t.

5. Don’t post viruses, malware, worms, trojans or other computer nasties (nor links to them either).

6. Don’t post any of your personal information, especially not contact details like email addresses and phone numbers.

7. The same goes for other people’s personal information. Keep it to yourself.

We’ll remove anything without notice if we judge that it breaks these rules. In fact, it’s our right under these terms to remove anything from the site without notice (this sounds a bit drastic but it protects us from spammers and vandals).

Ownership of materials
This web site and the blogs at shave.com/blogs belong to King of Shaves Company Ltd. Anything you say here becomes the property of King of Shaves Company Ltd. When you post on our blog you’re giving us permission to use your words and your ideas for our own purposes and without limit. If you’re uncomfortable with that you should probably not post here (that sounds drastic too, doesn’t it? It gives us legal protection from cheeky copyright bandits, though).

If you’re a child (under 16 years of age), get the permission of a parent or guardian before you post.

Your privacy
When you leave a comment or any other contribution at shave.com/blogs/ we may ask you for some personal information to confirm that you are a human being. This helps us to control the number of junk postings we get from spammers. We’ll keep this information but we won’t share it with anyone and we won’t use it for marketing purposes.

Sometimes, we’ll ask you directly if you’d like to receive marketing material (email messages, texts or even old-fashioned letters) from us. It’ll always be your choice, though, and we’ll always make it clear what we’re going to do with your data. We’ll never send you anything unless you’ve given us permission to do so.

If you have any questions about these terms of use or about shave.com in general, please drop us a line.

Customer Care:
Customer Care (UK Only): 0800 0838416 (9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday) or email care@shave.com
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Customer Services (USA only): 1-800-736-4648 or email contactus@remingtonproducts.com

UK Headquarters:
The King of Shaves Company Ltd, 10 Penn Road,
Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 2LH, United Kingdom
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