A future designer, engineer (16 years old) does a week Work Experience at King of Shaves (his view!)

16 year old Cameron G of Edinburgh writes of his week at King of Shaves…


During the week beginning 13th June 2011, I was allowed to partake in a week of work experience at ‘The King of Shaves Company’.

I was warmly welcomed by the well mannered and lovely staff base that I would be working alongside for the week and company CEO; Will King.

I was able to experience all aspects of the running and maintaining of a product-based business which included IT and communications, sales and marketing, operations, finance and design.

I have a particular interest in design and engineering along with an interest in business and entrepreneurship and so King of Shaves was an ideal place to explore these interests and gauge whether I’d like to take them further in any respect. Those that I had the pleasure to work with were hugely helpful and answered all my questions and queries as to what their field of work entails.

I then spent a day with starting entrepreneur Stu Jolley; founder of ‘Wingman’. This was an invaluable experience as it allowed me to see where a company similar to that of ‘King of Shaves’ starts out on what is sure to be its road to success.

If I had to pick one lesson out of this week it would be to enjoy oneself in everything you do whether it be work or play. Something is only worth doing if you want to do it and you enjoy doing it. As James Howell would say; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”!

Cameron – it was a pleasure having you with us, and delighted you enjoyed yourself! Spread the word re King of Shaves, Kings up in Scotland – important: Enjoy!