Two Years Since We Launched King of Shaves Azor | Things Getting HOTTER | Shavers Benefit | The ‘King Effect’ is coming…


1928-Contenders-thumb-334x172-262.jpgWhere did those two years disappear to? One moment, I’m rehearsing my speech in London prior to the press launch event of our revolutionary King of Shaves Azor razor (I subsequently binned my ‘prepared speech’ and gave a passionate delivery about the importance of innovation, competition, zag and fun). The next moment, I’m typing this in our new support office in Beaconsfield (above Waitrose, close to retail) after the world has attempted to financially implode itself, is currently trying to environmentally implode the south coast of the USA, with a hung parliament, about to announce swingeing cuts (you don’t get these with our Azor, only close, comfortable cutting of stubble) and the trojan horse of the busted Greek economy threatening to double dip the world into a second recession.

Who knew?

1929-hurricane-thumb-200x160-1223.gifWhat I do know is this. Launching our Azor has had a huge and permanent effect on the system razor & blade market, in the UK, in other countries and beyond – to the MASSIVE benefit of the man who wishes to shave. Fine, you might be doing the #backthebeard thing with James Corden’s World Cup Live programme in support of England in the World Cup, but when you come to go clean shaven – #shavesexy – you won’t want to pay an arm and a leg to remove the stubble. Well, until Azor came along, with an system razor handle & 3 cartridges costing just £4.99 and 8 Endurium cartridges costing £9.49, you’d have had to pay for ‘the most expensive shave a man can get’ approximately £9.99 for a battery powered vibrating handle & just ONE blade and nigh on £19 for 8 replacements.

1731-KOS_Azor_M_Pack_Front_v1-thumb-395x872-1730.jpgLet me tell you, those £10 shavings (sic) have mounted up for men who put their wallet ahead of vanity these past two years, men who’ve chosen to ‘Choose Different, Shave Better, Cost Less’ with Azor. Our Azor has been commended by Which? magazine, our new Azor S (for sensitive skin) has appealed to men with sensitive skin, a strategy now being aped by one of our competitors (the ad with the ‘blemish free’ tennis player in it), and our Azor M is shortly to be the star of a brand new #UltimateShave campaign we’ve been prepping these past few… (well, shhhh – it’s been in the planning for a lil while).

We’ve nearly 2m Azor handles in national & international markets, tens of millions of cartridges, delivered hundreds of millions of close, comfortable (cost effective) shaves and as a result, the sales at King of Shaves have nigh on doubled in just over 2 years.

In addition, we’ve launched the Azor in Japan, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, as well as the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, and have much planned for the coming 12-24 months.

Sales of our award winning AlphaGels and AlphaOils have also greatly benefitted – from sales of 20-22,000 a week in the UK, to a nigh on 35,000 a week in the UK alone, without taking into account our growth in International markets. In fact, we’re now selling the thick end of 100,000 products a week in the UK, one every six seconds. Add in our international sales – well – seems people are enjoying not just shaving, but King of Shaving.

The King of Shaves Company was demerged from original parent (1993-2009) KMI – the company I founded to sell King of Shaves – last June, and a year ago, I announced our innovative Shaving Bond issue, which appealed to so many people (and whom are receiving not only regular interest payments, but also huge product savings on King of Shaves products and free product. My King of Shaves book is in its second imprint, and now published in India as well as the UK – it has inspired dozens of people to say “Impossible is Nothing, I’m just gonna do it” and set up their own companies – indeed, I met and mentored one of them (a lady setting up a recruitment business with a twist) yesterday.

We have our ‘BrandPod’ office in Heddon Street, London where my ‘smarketings’ (smart sales & marketing’ guys & gals are based), and our nice new open plan office in Beaconsfield.

1927-KoSFB-thumb-200x326-1926.jpgFinally, and more importantly, we’re looking to the future. Since we launched the Azor, there has been HUGE price competition in the sector (to the benefit of the consumer), where we have FORCED our competitors to abandon their ‘cosy, never promote pricing model’ and to try to stop us gaining market share. Until we launched, the razor & blade category rarely, if ever had any sort of promotion. Since we launched, there have been over 300 ‘value promotions’ whereby handles that would normally sell for £9.99 are selling for as little as £3.99, and currently, there’s one ‘England Badged’ system razor handle selling for as little as £2 when it would normally be £7.99…. So, handle sales are up, but only King of Shaves has delivered increased cartridge sales too – our competitors cartridge sales are flat or slightly up (in one case) and substantially down (across all platforms) with another.

So, it’s been quite a ride – things have hotted up competition wise, but now we’re about to SUPERHEAT them with the introduction of our new campaign… To be the first to see it, I suggest you become a fan of ours on Facebook, and prepare to watch ‘The King Effect’ unfold.

Clearly all of what has been achieved has been down to my great team, led by Andy, Tim and Paul and Internationally, by Di, Steph, Paul and Dave. Thanks also to all our supply partners, our retailers of course for believing in (and continuing to believe) in King of Shaves – The Future of Shaving – and finally, to you – our dear hair growing customers, without whom, there’d be no King of Shaves. And that’d be sad.

Here’s to the Future. Here’s to King of Shaves. The Ultimate Shave.