Klose Shave. A Poem about King of Shaves by Sheila Webb. Thanks, Sheila!

A couple of weeks back, we had a team drinks & dinner in Beaconsfield, where by chance I fell into conversation with a nearby group celebrating an important birthday. The men in the group were King of Shaves fans, and Sheila knew Jane, one of my team. Sheila writes poetry, and agreed to pen a little ditty for King of Shaves, it was waiting for me on my return from Australia! Many thanks, Sheila – it’s great – and encapsulates neatly what King of Shaves is all about! Introducing ‘Klose Shave, a poem by Sheila Webb.


Between jumping out of bed each day
And rushing out the door
Don’t make a rash decision
Or you could be feeling sore!
Take your thumb and fingers
And run them along your chin
Are you battling stubble
That you know will not give in?
And if you find your shaving cream
Comes, literally up to scratch –
Leaving you with redness
And itchiness to match
There is a simple answer
An answer tried and true
If you want a smoother face
And dashing looking you –
I would not recommend you ask
Advice from Desperate Dan
Or you’ll find yourself out of the fire
Back into the frying pan!
And do not leave your shaving problems
To Jack the Lad and Knaves
Insist on only the very best – the regal