Honestly. Seriously! Our King of Shaves | Remington Azor 5 & AlphaGels are getting fabulous reviews in the USA via Amazon.com. 127 ave 4.2/5 Azor 5 ratings, 34 AlphaGel ave 4.8/5 – Wow!

Remington, our US distribution partner launched our latest King of Shaves Azor 5 System Razor & two uniquely designed AlphaGels on Amazon.com just last week, and already, they’re getting fabulous reviews (and more reviews than Gillette Mach3 & Gillette Fusion ProGlide).

The 127 Azor reviews, averaging 4.2/5 are here. The 34 AlphaGel reviews, averaging 4.8/5 are here.

And the best bit for hard hit US consumers is that a pack of 6 Azor 5 EnduriumNano replacement cartridges is just $11.99 (or less) versus expensive Gillette Fusion ProGlide replacement cartridges, at $22+

Shave AND Save with King of Shaves | Remington.

Honestly. Seriously. King of Shaves IS the King of Shaves in the USA, and with our roll-out into stores across the USA coming in the Fall, we’re looking forward to shaving America better, forever with King of Shaves in partnership with Remington.

The King of Shaves USA Facebook fanpage is here if you wish to ‘Like’ us in America!