“Keep It Simple, Subscribe!” | Shave. Save. Simple.

There’s a great saying famously coined by Bill Clinton, “It’s the Economy, Stupid”.

There’s another saying – used in sales training courses and the like – “Keep it Simple, Stupid” or KISS.  If you ‘keep things simple’ then the more likely it is people will understand and engage with you.  Now, there’s a lot of complexity in keeping things simple (just take a look at the inside of an iPhone!) but “KISS” is exactly what our beautifully redesigned, user friendly subscription site is!

Not only can you shop for your favourite products easily and simply, but when you’ve created your account, you can manage it online.  When it comes to our new subscription offers, again, we have given you the flexibility to pause your sub (if you’ve slowed down on the shaving) and restart it.  We for sure don’t want to be sending you through package after package of cartridges, so you get fed up and cancel on us!

You’ll also find our highly popular ‘Bulk Buys’ on our website too.  If you know you love shaving like a King, but want to s(h)ave some money, then these are ideal for you.  Even Hyperglide is now on our ‘Bulk Buy’ page too.

You may have read recently, that we now accept Bitcoin, and of course are working on bringing our site to different countries around the world where King of Shaves is sold.

So, KISS goodbye to store visits and sign up to the ‘Smart way to Shave’ here!  Shave, Save, SIMPLE!