It’s a ‘Kill or be Killed’ Battle of the Blades. And No Holds Are Barred.

Really, you couldn’t make it up.  From launching a hand-filled shaving oil in 1993, to debuting our superhydrophilic Hyperglide razor in January, we have been challenging away to disrupt the cosy shaving duopoly for over 21 years.  It’s a work in progress.

In 2012, Dollar Shave Club burst onto the scene with the funniest shaving viral ever, selling razors from a South Korean private label manufacturer, Dorco from $1 (now plus $2 S&H).  Their website crashed with demand, and within two years they are claiming a 5.4% market share of system razor cartridges in USA.  Impressive.  I take my hat off to them.

Gillette, which hasn’t had  ‘blockbuster’ razor launch since Fusion in 2005, unveiled it’s ProGlide Flexball, which uses a ‘dyson ball’ style pivot technology to follow the three dimensional contours of the face.  And they’re not only dropping $200m behind it, but also going after Dollar Shave Club via a subscription service.

So, how will this pan out, and where will we go at ‘little King of Shaves’.  Well, like Gillette, it’ll be all about the high performance of the product, the shave closeness & comfort.  But over the coming months, we’re also look at improving global availability of Hyperglide, along with our shaving oils and more as our (currently standalone) subscription service is folded into our primary brand site at

It’s a tense time for sure.  How will Wilkinson Sword (Schick) react?  Will more people return to DE (Double Edged) razors.  Will beards fall out of fashion?  Will sales of major brands continue to decline?  Where might it end?

Well, for you as the consumer (on the basis you shave) it’s only good news.  A long monopolised market is being disrupted by us and others on a number of fronts.  We continue to be in the vanguard of it.  And the outcome?

It’s too close to call.