King of Shaves Back in Target and on-line at | Shave America Better

Hyperglide at TargetTo say I’m delighted after a nigh on two year absence we’re back with King of Shaves at Target in the USA would be a massive understatement.

Having been in the vanguard of men’s grooming products for nearly 21 years (click this link to see our history/back catalogue of products) and at Target since 2000, it was ‘gut-wrenching’ when as part of our ill-fated distribution dalliance with Remington we were de-listed.

But that was then, and this is NOW!  My three favourite King of Shaves products, AlphaOil, AlphaGel and Hyperglide are available at 200 Target stores (more coming later this year, hopes!) and of course on-line at

Within the next few months, we will also have our site optimised both for ecommerce & subscription in the USA as well as the UK, with all the benefits that go with that.

Congratulations to Lee and our US team on getting us up and running with my favourite US mass-channel retailer.