The Hyperglide Response So Far | #SHAMAZING #RevoLUBEtion

I thought I’d list a series of links so (if you’re interested) you can see how (almost) universally supportive and positive coverage of our new Hyperglide system razor has been.  It’s reading comments and articles like this, as well as receiving personal emails, tweets of congratulation or people simply shaving with what we believe is the new best razor in the world, that keeps my staff and I on top of our game, and always pushing to improve.  Here goes…

Pre-Launch Review
Sunday Telegraph News:
First Hyperglide Review
Marketing Magazine
Marketing Week | Brand Republic
Brand Genetics
The Drum
Management Today
Will King Keynote
Just Add Water Ad
King Performance
The Grocer
The Manufacturer
Blogger Review
Research Live
Lifestyle District
British Family Review