Last Thursday Was Launch Day For King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor | We Changed The Face of Shaving Forever!

A40 Western Avenue 'Western Wonder' digital primesight.

A40 Western Avenue ‘Western Wonder’ digital primesight.

Thursday 16th January was a HUGE day for us.

It was the day we introduced a brand word – superhydrophilic – and technology – Hyperglide – into the world of high performance (or #Hyperformance as we call it) shaving.

It’s the culmination of 5 years and millions of pounds of R&D, the story of ingenuity, persistence, imagination and realisation.  I hope you saw our Hyperglide razor #REVOLUBETION poster if you’re coming into London on the A40 (about 500,000 of you should).  And if you read ShortList, you should have seen our launch ad within this week’s issue (see below).

King of Shaves Hyperglide “Just Add Water”

Just Add Water

Just Add Water

At 7pm, you should have been able to join us LIVE at Sketch, as we launched  not just a razor, but a truly revo-lube-tionary one.  One which takes shaving properly into the 21st century, doing away with those messy, gloopy and 1970’s Lubestrips (as used by our competitors) and allowing you, if you wish – to shave by just using water.  HOWEVER, due to a – stupid – oversight, we put the live-stream ‘live’ whilst still playing background music at our venue (which we had the performance rights for only at the venue).  The live-stream put it out into YouTube, and after a short while, the copyright infringement algorithms kicked in, killing the feed (in the UK) just as I took the stage.  This was no one in particular’s error, and as CEO I take responsibility for it.

ShortList ad

ShortList ad

However, I’m delighted that my Keynote went down extremely well, and you can see it here.  You can also see our amazing ‘Just Add Water’ ad, shot by Tiger Savage of Tiger’s Eye – where a guy simply adds water and shaves!  Look out for the twist towards the end too.

Hyperglide will be in UK stores (Asda, Boots, Sainsbury & Tesco) by the end of the month, with other major retailers being added by the end of March.  Full details on the razor may be found here.

Oh, and do feel free to  join in on twitter buy using the hashtag #Hyperglide

Don’t just shave.  Shave like a King!