Be the King of Beards & Help Raise Money To Beat Bowel Cancer with Decembeard & King of Shaves Prostyle.

But you’re the King of Shaves! I hear you exclaim!!! What’s this beardy business all about? Surely you want men to be clean shaven, so you sell more product! Aren’t you just jumping on the Movember b(r)andwagon?

Here’s why we’ve got involved with the Beating Bowel Cancer ‘Decembeard 2013‘ campaign.

At King of Shaves, “WE SHAVE LIVES!” This is what I often say when introducing our brand, or if it’s me – “I shave lives”.

It engages people, the subtle play on words makes people chuckle, and brings a face and a personality to our brand.

What’s clearly way more important though is saving lives. And, the early detection of bowel cancer, which has a very good chance of being cured if found early enough, is what the Beating Bowel Cancer charity is all about.  Clearly they have seen the explosive success of Movember, which originated in Australia some years back (and which King of Shaves Australia were involved in supporting) and with their mission to bring awareness of what bowel cancer is, and how it can be avoided, to a larger audience, well – they came up with Decembeard and the tagline “Go on, grow one”.

Enter King of Shaves. Or more precisely, our new Prostyle “King of Beards” eGrooming range.  For over 20 years we’ve been the only independent (and British) brand in the men’s shaving and skincare market, and constantly innovated. But, we’d never been in the electrical ‘facial hair styling, grooming & removal” sector until a couple of years back, with our ill-fated venture with Remington. When that came to an end, we decided to design and launch our own range of products, details of which can be found here. We’re a new kid on the eGrooming block, and of course we want to bring our new range to the public’s attention.

Theo Coyne of Beating Bowel Cancer emailed me in early November, asking if there was any chance King of Shaves could support them, with cash (of course) and more importantly, using social media to increase and& amplify the awareness of this potential life threatening (but treatable) condition. I get ‘a lot’ of requests from charities, but this one resonated, as Lee Kynaston aka The Grooming Guru (the King of Beards Real Deal) had tweeted about his involvement with it. Lee’s a widely respected men’s style and grooming journalist and blogger, who I’ve known for quite a few years.

Given we had recently launched Prostyle, I agreed for King of Shaves to be a supporting partner of Beating Bowel Cancer ‘Decembeard 2013′ and will attempt, along with our PR team, and BBC’s team, to use our reach and social media following to bring awareness of this condition to a wider audience.

Money will change hands (from us to Beating Bowel Cancer) – which can only be a good thing, and we promise not to try and commercially ‘hijack’ their mission, to feather our own business nest. Anyone who knows me, and what I do outside of King of Shaves, in the education, entrepreneurial and ‘doing things for good’ sectors will know we have no interest in that.

So, from December 1st (and obviously, in the build up to it – without detracting or distracting from Movember, which is now absolutely massive, and extremely well supported by P&G Gillette) I’ll be tweeting out regularly little prize competitions, links and miscellaneous other using the hashtag #KingofBeards (what else!) to amplify awareness of A) Beating Bowel Cancer and B) Decembeard. Of course, we will be donating money to them from online sales of our Prostyle range at in the run up to Christmas, and if things work out, which I’m sure they will, look at a longer term partnership.

When googling Decembeard, I of course came across Movember, but – more worryingly – Januhairy!!!! Now, whoever is behind that initiative, and whether it has a cause relation to it – don’t get in touch, we’re proud to be doing our bit, and remember, we need to sell our great shaving and styling products, so I can pay my staff their hard earned salary, and attempt to bring more, ‘shamazing’ new products to market.

King of Shaves is proud to be associated with Beating Bowel Cancer and Decembeard.  So, I dare you “Go on, grow one – the King of Beards. I bet you can’t beat out Santa ;-)” REGISTER HERE and remember, the end result of this is to raise money and enhance awareness of what Bowel Cancer is, and how it can be detected, and treated. It’s not a casual vehicle for us to sell more product from. Like I say, we s(h)ave lives.