King of Shaves Prostyle Bodystyler & Update on #WingmanProject Launches by Wingman & Concoction.

It’s been a (long) while since I posted here, so please accept my apologies (but I am regularly on twitter if you ever need to get in touch with me!).  So, here are three important updates from ‘The Kingdom’!

The new King of Shaves Prostyle Bodystyler.  Prostyle like a King!

The new King of Shaves Prostyle Bodystyler. Prostyle like a King!

“Prostyle like a King!”  Firstly, we’ll be launching the first of four new eGrooming products shortly, debuting with our Prostyle Bodystyler which will be in 250+ Tesco across the UK from mid-July.  Body hair styling and trimming is becoming increasingly fashionable, and I’m delighted we’ll be the first to debut a unique bi-directional body hair styler which will be found on the wet shave fixture, alongside razors & shaving gels.  I’m delighted with its design and performance, and at just £15, it won’t break the bank either!  I’d love your feedback (and pictures, if you feel the need) and expect to see some nice press & publicity around it in the summer.

The Bodystyler will be joined by three brand new Prostyle products in the late Summer, early Autumn – more details on these soon!

Wingman Takes Off & Concoction Mixes It Up!

For those of you who follow King of Shaves’ in the business press, you may be aware that in 2011 we bought equity in Wingman Products Ltd. (founded by Cardiff University student, Stu Jolley), and in 2012, equity in Concoction Ltd. (founded by Alex Epstein, who took part in The Apprentice in 2010.  As CEO of King of Shaves, I have acted as ‘Wingman’ to these start-ups, giving advice and guidance where required, and I’m delighted after much hard work, they are both (co-incidentally) launching their trend setting products in July; Wingman in 500+ Tesco stores from 8th July and Concoction exclusively in Selfridges Beauty Hall from the 25th July.

They have both received amazing trade beauty coverage, you can read all about Wingman’s Mission here and what Concoction ‘Couture Haircare’ is all about here.  Expect to read much more about them, when they debut in-store.

Both are complementary brands to King of Shaves, and both young founders are passionate about their vision, and realising it.  So, “In Wingman we Trust” Stu and “You Call The Shots” Alex.

“Impossible is Nothing, Just Do It!”