Battleground: Men’s Shave & Skin

20 years ago, it was just King of Shaves, Gillette & Colgate Palmolive in men’s shaving preparations & skincare. How times have changed. In 1996, we led the change in men’s, with our K-Series skincare (4 products) & our AlphaGels & AlphaOils (non-aerosol shaving preparations).

Look at the Sainsbury shelves now! It’s a multi-million pound battleground, with the main protagonists (by scale) of Nivea for Men (Beiersdorf), Men Expert (L’Oreal), Gillette (P&G) and Wilkinson Sword (Energizer) being recently joined by Dove Men+Care (Unilever) all topped out by King of Shaves (KoSCo).

So, although we can’t get out the chequebook and write a blank cheque to ensure our latest & greatest products are listed, the fact we sell between 30-50,000 products each month (7 x L’Oreal Men Expert shave for example) keeps us in the hunt.

And with what we have planned in wet shave later this year, a huge ZAG product, even more so.Men's Grooming, Sainsbury's