Twenty Years Young. King of Shaves turns 20 in 2013. Wowzer.

I can’t believe 2012 is already drawing to a close, the year has absolutely raced by.

It’s been a year of high’s (highest ever King of Shaves Co. wholesale brand sales, over £10.2m) and lows (terminating our USA distribution agreement with Spectrum Brands, Inc., James Ellington missing out on an Olympic medal) and everything in-between.  From sponsoring Olympic hopefuls and Extreme 40 #Hyperformance catamarans, to launching our King of Shaves ‘SUB’.  We’ve had people join (and sadly, leave) and have worked hard on ensuring our company, brand is well positioned for:-


Our TWENTIETH (get out of here…!!!) year in business.  We’re leaving our teenage years, and like most good teenagers, have spent the last three years studying hard in the University of Amazing Shaving to launch a First Class new razor (Which I can’t reveal yet) which does employ very clever stuff to deliver an awesomely awesome King of Shaves…

“Shhhhhh!” I hear my PR company say.

In addition to amazing new, we have a lot planned for 2013, we officially turn 20 on April 13th, and for sure will be planning something great then.  And throughout the year, we’ll be rewarding King of Shaves fans – ‘Loyal Subjects’ – the ‘King’s Doms’ with prizes, treats and surprises.  Make sure you follow me on the twitter to be in the know…!

With a team of just 14, I continue to be amazed that we have over 1.5 million lives daily, carry out astonishing R&D and invention of new, and always ’embrace change as a constant’ to ensure it never overtakes us.

All of this started around this time, in December 1992 when I started shaving with the first King of Shaves shaving oil.

Just like I still do today.

It’s good some things never change…

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all.