KingofShavesSUB Video Winner(s)! & Special Gold Azors for Followers. Read Below.

Firstly, my apologies for posting details on the above so tardily.  I hope I’m excused, just back from Honeymoon – and had rather a lot to sort out.  Here’s why…

To help drive awareness of our King of Shaves SUB launch I tweeted out to my followers on King of Shaves, saying that the first 250 to follow would be able to enter a little competition involving winning a week at my villa in Grenada, for the video with the most views uploaded in response to our “Join our Sub” video you can see on our website.  An email was sent to these followers, laying out T’s & C’s.

I was delighted with the entries received, and watched the views grow.  However, I was tweeted by a fan of King of Shaves after the comp went live, asking if he could join in.  The more the merrier I thought…  However, when the competition closed, it turned out that the video from the “late entry” had got the most views.  Oh dear.

So, I had two winners – an official winner and an unofficial winner.  And BOTh will get a week at Kingfisher!

They are (TA DAA)

Officially: Robert Lofthouse @MRLOFT with this video

Unofficially: Ben Somerset How @CreativeBrief with his video

Congratulations both, Robert, Ben – I will be in touch with you regarding your week’s stay at my villa shortly.

A special call out (and set of King of Shaves products) also to Nyk Edinger aka @Ghostoth with his video – “unusual!”

For the other 250 followers of our @KingofShavesSUB account (I do know who you all are) we will be sending you out a special Gold and Black King of Shaves Azor 4 & 4 cartridges.  I have most of your emails, and will be in touch over the coming days.


King of Shaves SUB is going (and growing) from strength to strength, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating the site.

On a side note, James Ellington, our GB Athlete who’s aiming to compete in the upcoming Olympics ran an Olympic A class time of 20.55 in the 200m last weekend in Geneva.  You can follow and support him on twitter here @jellington100m


Will King