Join our Sub! The King needs YOUR help to shave the world better, forever! Plus, win a chance for 4 people to stay at Kingfisher, Grenada West Indies for a week, expenses paid!

Good Afternoon!

Thanks for clicking through via my 12pm twitter announcement – I must say, this whole social media thing is really rather good, when you’re planning on launching something ‘at scale’ and you can get people involved pre-launch! Firstly, if you haven’t already, please sign up to our holding page for our ‘Club’ here (this is not the site itself – it’s just a place where we are collating email addresses, to add to our 250,000 we have for our conventional King of Shaves Direct e-commerce site.

“The King needs YOU!”

In the past, companies’ like ours would launch something like this following “focus groups”, “modelling” – insight from “transactional behavioural analysts”. And all that BS. However, the world moves fast these days – and I want to ensure that what we launch is simply “Prestige” – a slang term that young kids are currently using for stuff that is awesome, according to my son!

If you’re following @KingofShavesSUB I have a few requests for you – and of course, helping us out will mean we help you out – not just in terms of site UX (or user experience) but also with the opportunity to A) get a prize money can’t buy and B) integrate closer into how we go about things at King of Shaves.

Firstly, we’d LOVE you to comment and give insight into our proposed “Join our Sub” website – and where possible act on your insight pre-launch. Please would you click here and then select ‘Message for Will King’ which will find me directly. Use #JoinOurSub in the message body copy please. In the next few days, I’ll then be in touch with a secret URL which will allow you to interact with the v1.0 version of our site – and then email me your thoughts so I can pass them on to the development team. We intend to ensure the site really is extremely simple to use, so your feedback in advance (rather than us second guessing) is critical. Thank You.

Secondly, later this week we’ll be shooting a little “something” to launch our site with in the next few weeks. Just prior to our site going live, I’ll be giving YOU the chance to shoot your own version (don’t worry, you’ll need little more than a smartphone to do it), which we’ll upload onto our YouTube channel (it’s only 30s long) and to then be voted on. The best (ie most views) will then win a WEEK for 4 people, all expenses paid (including flights) to stay at KINGFISHER, my villa in Grenada, West Indies later this year! There are a few t’s and c’s around this (mainly to do with availability) – but I will handle this directly in due course. Live like a King, in the Sun – for a week – Yay!

Finally, I’d really like to get a little bit of a buzz going around the launch of our ‘Sub’ in advance – so, if you are able to spread the word of mouse when possible out to your friends, and family, I’d appreciate that. We’re simply aiming to put the “simple” & “save” back into “shaving” so we can make life a little bit easier for you in these tough times. As you’ll know, we don’t have multi-million pound brand ambassadors on our books (we are delighted to be supporting Olympic sprint hopeful, James Ellington though) so the more help we can get from the “King’s Doms” (fans) the better! It’ be great to top 1,000 followers pre-launch!

I look forward to your email hitting my inbox! Thanks for “joining our sub” – be in touch soon!

Will King

PS – please remember to use #JoinOurSub in the body copy – thanks!