The Name’s Bond, Shaving Bond. King of Shaves In Today’s FT – Helping SME’s Get New Ideas to GROW.

King of Shaves, Shaving Bonds in the FT today – AWESOME

2436-FTshavingbondarticle-thumb-248x186-2435.jpgAs you may know, banks ain’t lending much dough these days. And this is hurting SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises). Back in June 2009 we debuted our innovative Shaving Bond paying 6% interest over 3 years plus free product. Many companies, including John Lewis, Caxton FX, Hotel Chocolat, Ecotricity have now followed – and this type of mini-bond finance raising, which connects customers with companies, as well as raising money (to NOT be spent on private jets, exotic holidays or dubious pursuits) is gaining credibility & momentum. This was OUR idea. You should all be very proud we’ve pioneered this. Scan of article attached, Jax has FT.King of Shaves Shaving Bond was the First.