King of Shaves Shaving Bond Accelerates New Style of Fund Raising

2434-Grocer - 13.08.11-thumb-360x255-2433.jpgI’ve been in the USA these past 12 days, in NYC and LA – arrived back in a (predictably, rainy) UK yesterday. Since I’ve been away, we’ve had some cracking coverage, firstly in ‘The Grocer’ magazine, which outlined our 2009 ‘Shaving Bond’ issue giving rise to innovative ways for brand led, credible SME’s to raise development finance (notably Hotel Chocolat, and more recently, Brewdog) and secondly, in the UK’s ‘Marketing’ magazine, which talked about how FYT (Facebook | YouTube | Twitter) is playing an increasingly 2432-Marketing 23.8.11-thumb-200x268-2431.jpgcentral role for men’s grooming brands (it’s all about Digital Dialogue with consumers these days, not so much Brand Broadcast).

Look out for more King of Shaves #ShaveTheWorld news soon – as we gear up to launch King of Shaves Azor 5 & AlphaGel in partnership with Remington across the USA.