Wingman’s Wingman! King of Shaves Takes 24% in Stu Jolley’s Wingman, star of BBC2’s ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’

You may have been one of the millions of viewers2422-wingman's wingman-thumb-280x210-2420.jpg following the progress of a number of individuals on BBC2 recently on the TV show Britain’s Next Big Thing presented by Dragon’s Den star, Theo Paphitis. One of these was 24 year old Stu Jolley, who came up with an idea for Wingman – a men’s ‘wash on the go’ wipe, which he got successfully listed in over 250 Boots stores nation-wide. Stu had beat off strong competition to not only get onto the TV show, but to actually get his product listed by one of the UK’s best known retailers.

Earlier this year, we met up, and realised that with Stu’s Wingman brand, he genuinely had a fantastic opportunity to create a substantial brand, not just in the hyper-competitive world of men’s grooming, but in many other areas too. I was so impressed with his achievements – they reminded me acutely of what I’d gone through with King of Shaves in the the early 1990’s – that I was able to secure a 24% investment in Wingman Products Ltd., Stu’s company.

Over the past few months, I’ve been acting as Wingman’s Wingman, as we evolve the range into a number of different areas, with not just a national outlook, but an international outlook.

I’m delighted to be Stu- Maverick’s – Wingman, and hope that all I and my team have learned in the past 18 years can position his brand on the runway, get the afterburners lit and send his sales & brand soaring into the stratosphere. Stu’s feet are firmly on the ground, but his face is looking into outer space.

Congratulations Stu. You’re cleared for Take Off!