King of Shaves At The Forefront of Smarketing & Product Innovation with King’s Speech, iPhone App & Azor 5 & SuperGels! What a Week – God Shave The King!

It’s been an awesome week for King of Shaves this week.

On Sunday, we uploaded our parody of The King’s Speech onto YouTube, which has gone down a storm world-wide, becoming the 4th most ret-weeted/shared link on Sunday night in the USA, according to, and which now has over 6,000+ views and has been written up by a number of influential blog sites as ‘The’ way to do social media ‘smarketing‘ as I call it.

2375-iPhone_with_KOS_App_v1-thumb-292x571-2374.jpgOn Monday, less than 24 hours later – and in advance of Steve Jobs’ debuting Apples new iPad2, I launched our new King of Shaves iPhone app to the 150+ audience at smartaLIVE – a group of upcoming entrepreneurs, knowledge catalysts and forward thinkers. It’s a very KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) free app, that allows you to 1) Get a free King of Shaves Azor 4 XP razor, 2) Order our Azor Endurium cartridges at a significant discount to the UK RRP, and get them delivered to your door (over £30 can be saved when compared to ordering the equivalent number of Gillette ProGlide cartridges) and 3) It connects you into our Kingdom of Social Media, via links to our Facebook fanpage, our YouTube twitter account and my Twitter feed. It’s already picking up very nice reviews indeed!

2377-photosoft-thumb-248x186-2376.jpgToday, our new Azor 5 debuted in-store in Tesco (2 weeks early – they are very quick off the mark) along with our latest in shaving software, the SuperGel – more details on this coming soon. All in all, a most excellent week – despite Gillette spending squillions on ‘tugging and pulling’ people towards the hyper-expensive Fusion ProGlide, our sales are standing up well, and have grown over the past few weeks.

I’m off for a few days R&R next week, back on the UK Shave Grid w/c 14 March, but will be ‘tweetdecking’ off a ‘yacht deck’ next week, as I continue to plan out the continuing globalisation of King of Shaves.

Big respect to our partners in the USA too, Spectrum Brands (Remington) – they’ve had some most excellent news this week with regard to our King of Shaves launch there…