The Kings Speech. A Parody for King of Shaves. God Shave The King.

2362-KOS - Kings Speech - Still-thumb-320x180-2357-thumb-300x168-2358.jpgI started reading rave reviews about The Kings Speech almost straight after it aired in December. Garnering almost universal acclaim, it blends history, personal trauma and humour in a captivating, uplifting way – bringing to life an issue that can clearly define an individual’s outlook on life, to a truly Global audience.

It was also, an absolutely perfect, once in a lifetime opportunity, for me (given my name), my brand (King of Shaves), and the challenges we face (going to war against G-G-G…) to make a one-off parody that would debut globally via the social media magic that is Twitter, and hosted for a world-wide audience on YouTube.

I took my son Cameron to see the film on the evening before we were due to shoot our version, and he – like I – loved it. As I told him, “It was WAY better than Fred – The Movie, Cam!”

2361-Tiger Savage Tiger's Eye-thumb-392x600-2359-thumb-100x153-2360.jpgAnd I had to make sure, in my own way, our Will King’s Speech spoof/parody version was, the very best it could be. It was shot in just under 5 hours, on the afternoon of Thursday 24th February, and came out of post-production less than 24 hours later. Creative Director was Tiger Savage of the Tiger’s Eye Agency (her first ad for her own shop). It was directed by Stuart Gillies, produced by Mathew Alden and edited by Nick Saunders at The Chop House.

We shot three versions. The one you’ll see on YouTube here another – which ends without me saying “Cut” and, a final one – a Director’s Cut if you like – that runs for 6 minutes, and is the full blown version, where I (forgive me) rewrote the famous speech, introducing my favourite ‘enemy’ Wilkinette, declaring war on “the bondage of over-priced razor blades” – one of my favourite subjects – and talking about being strong in resolve, “not being tugged one way, pulled in the other”. Depending on the the interest in the parody, I may upload this in the future.

It’s always difficult to know how a parody/spoof advert like this will go down with the intended global audience. I hope those who are fans of King of Shaves enjoy it, and those who are yet to know our brand, find my own “Will King’s Speech” engaging enough to discover more about our mission to shave the world better, forever (and avoid being tugged and pulled into buying ever increasingly expensive razor blade cartridges).

Will it win any viral Oscars? Well, the jury for sure will be out on that for a while. But, I sincerely hope The Kings Speech sweeps the board at the Academy Awards, even though it’s up against another film favourite of mine, The Social Network.

So, good luck to Colin Firth and the cast of The King’s Speech.

“God Shave The King”

PS | This is a spoof/parody of The King’s Film speech, and is no way intended to offend anyone who suffers from a stammer. Help on stammering can be found here.
PPS | No Corgi’s were harmed in the making of the film.
P-P-P-S | Eat your heart out, B-B-B-D-D-O.