King of Shaves Launch Azor 5! First system razor designed for Sensitive skin. Endurium Nano thin blade cartridges just £6.99 for 6! At Asda in UK NOW.

2338-Azor 5 -thumb-300x225-2337.jpgA day earlier than expected, David Keat, a loyal King of Shaves fan spotted our new Azor 5 in-store at Asda, and watched a lady buy one whilst he was there! The King of Shaves Azor 5 is the latest, 5 blade addition to our market changing Azor range, launched in the UK in June 2008. So, why is it different, better than before?

Let me name the ways!

The Azor 5 handle design & hinge has been re-engineered to make it much softer on men’s (often sensitive skin). This has been achieved through changing the ‘shore’ of our patented Bendology Technology and other clever techy stuff. Our Azor is unique in that we are able to do this, all other system razors have one ‘default’ setting so to speak. I’m very proud of this. We’ve also made it out of a funky metallic blue polyastomer, with our latest weighted metal handle with creases for improved shave dexterity & ease of use. Finally, the handle now has an elegant travel tray, that we love the aesthetic of. For storage, it is placed ‘face down’, or if you want to show it off on your bathroom shelf, ‘face up’!

BUT there’s MUCH more…!

No gorgeous fast car is complete without a fantastic engine, and with our latest cartridge, we’ve taken shaving to a whole new level of comfort and closeness. Our Azor 5 cartridge features:

5 thinner, finer blades – which basically mean you get a closer, more comfortable and forgiving shave.

Each blade is coated in what we call EnduriumNano – it’s a thinner coating than our previous Endurium one (as used on on our 4 blade Azor cartridges) and helps to make our super sharp, hard steel blades last longer.

Finally, and this is the Best Bit, is the price. Unlike our pricey Fusion ProGlide competitor, which charges between between £15-20 for 6 replacement cartridges (people – this is where the REAL expense is), we’re launching our Azor 5 cartridges for a limited time at just £6.99 for 6 cartridges in all retailers. Asda are our launch retailer, with Azor 5 then rolling into Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco & Boots over the next couple of months.

So, now you can truly SHAVE LIKE A KING without paying a King’s Ransom. You can buy the latest in sleek, innovative British design. You can save money into the bargain. If you have sensitive skin (53% of men apparently have) then your face, as well as your finances will love you for it.

Introducing King of Shaves Azor 5. The Future of Shaving. Join our Kingdom!

(ps – sorry for the pic being on its side. I can’t seem to rotate it through 90 degrees)
(pps – where i am its 2am in the morning, bit (!) jet lagged hence working.