King of Shaves Aims To Beat Gillette On Price And Performance with new Azor 5

2330-Sunday Telegraph-thumb-150x112-2329.jpgJust a brief blog on the fantastic article published in today’s Sunday Telegraph on our aspirations world-wide, and for our latest Azor, the Azor 5. You can link to the article here, and read it for yourself; for sure, my team and I are excited about getting more and more people here, in the USA, and world-wide using King of Shaves, without paying the increasingly huge cartridge ransoms being introduced by our competitors.

You don’t have to pay a huge amount per cartridge to get a close comfortable shave – our launch of our Azor proved that two & a half years ago, and I’m delighted with the price of our latest Azor 5 cartridge (thin blade, EnduriumNano – read long lasting – coated). It’s just £6.99 for 6, compared with Gillette Fusion ProGlide at £16.99 for 6, and a WHOPPING £19.99 for 6 if you’re (mad) enough to buy their Fusion ProGlide Power variant.

The Azor 5 launches at Asda on 25th January 2011, before hitting other UK retailers over the next few months, and our latest software, King of Shaves SuperGels will also go on sale soon.

Then, its a big push in the USA throughout 2011 as we already to look towards 2012 and what we’re planning then.

Best wishes,