King of Shaves Welcome Kai Industries of Japan as a Strategic Corporate Partner & Investor

For those of you who have read my book, you’ll know between 2003-2008, I worked with my team on the development of our Azor razor, in partnership with Kai, one of Japan’s leading companies in what I’ll describe as cutting edge technology. In the same way that Apple works with Chinese manufacturing partner, FoxConn, so we work in a similar fashion with Kai, developing innovation that can be brought to market in the highly competitive razor & blade sector. The press release announcing the minority investment can be found here, and the announcement was also written up in the Financial section of the UK’s Sunday Newspaper, The Mail on Sunday.

For the 52 weeks to 4th September 2010, the King of Shaves Azor was the UK’s third best selling manual system razor handle. Further details on The King of Shaves Company Ltd. may be found by visiting our corporate site here.