Old Spice Guy, you were Truly Awesome. Look out Monday for King of Shaves Gal, Barbarella X & Shave Sexy

1954-Old Spice Guy-thumb-129x97-1953.jpgTiming, they say, is all. Yesterday saw the social media powered @OldSpice guy phenomenon singlehandedly (well, with a cast of hundreds at W+K Portland) relaunch Old Spice as a #funsexycool brand.

1956-Barbarella X-thumb-260x346-1955.jpgMonday sees the debut of our Shave Sexy viral ad – a campaign which is ENTIRELY social media based (we didn’t have the budget to air the debut commercial in the UK equivalent of Superbowl ad break – #imonabudget remember) and based around the key tenets of successful social media, a “Publicity Point” rapidly followed by the accelerant of “Social Media Amplification”

So, most cool and truly awesome @OldSpice guy, watch out for @KingofShaves girl, @Barbarella_X on Monday… That Fusion ProGlide P&G have “sent you” won’t be used after you see this.