At King of Shaves, we’ll treat you like a King with our Azor. Not make you feel like a sap. It’s all about a #FairShave.

A very interesting article was published in the Wall Street Journal today on the cost of shaving.

The author, Neil Templin writes “Instead of competing on price, the two big razor makerslargely seem to be engaged in a silly arms race to improve a product that already works perfectly well.”

And tellingly, he concludes (having trialled a new Fusion Power ProGlide, launching in the USA this summer at an RRP of $12.99, handle & 1 blade & $17.99 (£12!!!!) for 4 cartridges.

“I used the new razor over the weekend before sending it back to Gillette. It was a closer shave. But when I finished, the smooth face I saw peering back in the mirror was still my own, not George Clooney’s. And I’d still feel like a sap spending $4.50 each time I changed blades.

Feel like a Sap? Not feel the best a man can be? Neil, check out our King of Shaves Azor. Shave closer, longer, for less – forever – we’ll treat you like a King, not a sap!