Helping Shave & Save People with King of Shaves in the City of London. Shaving Bonds a Hit!

We’ve had our King of Shaves Azor Tourbus parked in Finsbury Avenue today (in the square, behind Broadgate) all day giving people the King of Shaves, and offering the opportunity to save, with our unique King of Shaves Shaving Bond.


Tim & Jenny, along with Simon Vingoe and our new marketing intern, Joe Asserton were here (very) early doors – from 7am, and as well as plenty of shaves, we’ve had a lot of interest in our bonds, with many people passing by having seen it advertised, or heard about it. Indeed, as soon as I arrived, I met a very nice Indian gentleman, who’d used our shaving oil for years, was fed up with NatWest, and ‘signed up’ for £3,000 worth. As I have said before, and I’ll say again, our Shaving Bond issue is a way for us to connect with our King of Shaves consumers on many different levels, and them earning money whilst they shave, is just one of those.

I’m delighted to announce that anyone who applies for a Shaving Bond will also receive free my book about the King of Shaves story, being published by Headline Business Plus in September, likely to be ‘Business Book of the Month’ at a leading UK retailer, and it’s called ‘Building a Great Business in Tough Times: The King of Shaves Story’.

So, where there’s King of Shaves, there’s money to be earned, great shaves to be had, and a good read to boot (well, I’ve had a few journalist friends of mine read it – and they seem to rate it).

The opportunity to subscribe for a King of Shaves Shaving Bond expires on 31st July 2009, applications MUST have been received by our registrars, Equiniti by then.

Don’t just shave – King of Shaves (& Save).