King of Shaves Shaving (savings) Bond… My view…And the interest rate…more than 6%!

We’ve had a really encouraging response in the first 24 hours to our Shaving Bond, which is really, really gratifiying. Thousands of visits to and I know, a good level of applications. And this is before our adverts, which will run this weekend in a range of quality newspapers.

In addition, I was amazed and impressed with the media response to our Shaving Bond which has been almost universally positive, including ‘Quote of the Day’ from the London Evening Standard “It’s better than the tuppence ha’penny you get down the Nationwide!” Priceless. The value of the PR generated alone for King of Shaves has been in the hundreds of thousands of pounds, I’ve blogged about my comments on the bond launch on my Brand Royalty blog, read them here.

In trawling the many blog postings on the bond – is it a good thing to invest in – will it work – I came across a particularly insightful one, where the poster pointed out that the interest coupon will actually be in excess of 6%…

Which, of course, it will – as we will be providing free product for the duration of the bond, which you’d otherwise have to buy. We’re still working out what this will be – and will be aiming to give our Shaving Bond holders a choice – but it will be in the tens of pounds per person, and of course, this is a direct saving on having to buy our King of Shaves or Azor products from a retailer.

If you choose to subscribe – which I hope you’ll consider doing – rest assured that we’ll be making your investment with us work on your behalf, over and above the 6% interest rate we’re paying on your investment – whether it’s £1,000 or £5,000.

Choose different, shave (and save) better with King of Shaves & Azor.

We’re going to be the future of shaving (and saving).