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The Wally Yacht eSense. Gorgeous.

Beautiful. Sailing simplicity. WKoHamat 08

Save the Turtles, Ban the Bag

I was on a sailing holiday recently, and anchored at the beautiful Caribbean island of Bequia for a few idyllic days. Whilst there, I visited the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, run by a couple of devoted Bequians, existing on voluntary donations and caring for Turtles.

Why am I blogging about this? Well, in the press today there was a front page picture of a Turtle which had ingested a plastic bag (they look like Jellyfish when floating in the water, and turtles eat these) and was dying.

Many of the turtles rescued by the Old Hegg sanctuary deal with this tragic issue. If you want to know more about the sanctuary, click here.

So, I for one would applaud a ‘Bin the Bag’ campaign. Just take your ‘bag for life’ with you when you go shopping…surely this is what people did before plastic bags.

Unnecessary secondary, not something you’ll be seeing from King of Shaves
WKoHamat 08

PS, we adopted this turtle and called him Dudley, after my much missed Fox Terrier, who died at the ripe old age of 15 whilst I was away.

If King of Shaves made a phone…

This is what it would be like.
WKoHamat 08

High on AG Lafley’s list for acquisitions

AG Lafley is the Chairman of P&G. He delivered the $57Bn Gillette deal, in order to get his hands on the 5 bladed Gillette Fusion razor.

This must be his next acquistion.

Surely? After all, more blades, must equal a better shave. Right?

WKoHamat 08

Green Powered Shower (& the shave’s good too!)

Check out our new Patently Obvious ‘Green Powered Showergel – now you can wash your mucky body with a clean conscience! Patently Obvious Showergel means you can shower without shame, with no nasties down the drain.

Clean up your act, try Patently Obvious: Clean without Compromise!

PS – that King of Shaves Magnagel is great stuff too!!!
PPS – coming soon, to a Boots near you (and other retailers too – watch this space)
PPPS – be sure to check for the ‘Backstory’ to PO, I’ve got Andy Hill thinking back to 2004 when we started this off, it’s a story worth reading!