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Which? review King of Shaves Hyperglide. 83% of reviews on Boots.com rate Hyperglide.

With my earlier post being about ‘reviews’, I was pleased to read that our Hyperglide razor reviewed rather well with Which? magazine.  You can read it (sadly, if you only subscribe to Which?) by clicking this link website  but overall, I was happy with it, and look forward to seeing how it scores against our competitors.  Hyperglide is made in the UK, using our patented superhydrophilic coated cartridges, which mean you can ‘just add water’ and shave, it works especially well in the shower!  More reviews are also coming through at Boots where 83% recommend it, and of course on our own website.

Happy Hypergliding!

King of Shaves Hyperglide Reviews. Authentic or Questionable? I’m only interested in YOURS!

Just Add Water

Just Add Water

We live in a world of ‘rate or slate’.  put simply, people either love something and really ‘rate it’ or they hate it, and ‘slate it’.

In the past, people’s views would have been largely constrained to them, their immediate family, mates they met down the pub, and if they wanted to, the letters page in Which?

Nowadays we all have access to twitter and facebook, to post opinions on things that matter to us.

As CEO of King of Shaves, I’m naturally fixated on what people’s experience are with our products.  Especially when we launch a new one, that has taken 5 years and cost £7m.  Hyperglide.  With any product, whether it works or not can only be objectively determined by YOU using it.  Not listening to what others say.  But, in our #rateorslate Trip Advisor world, there are people’s views out there that for sure I read and if appropriate, comment on.

World's first system razor to use superhydrophilic glide technology.

World’s first system razor to use superhydrophilic glide technology.

Right now, on Amazon we have 5 ratings for Hyperglide.  3 are 5 star.  2 are 1 star.  Work that one out.  You can read them by clicking here   Weird huh?  3 x 5 star ratings.  2 x 1 star ratings.  Then you see the two low ratings opine that the user is going back to their previous brand.  Gillette.  Wilkinson Sword.  I leave you to make your own mind up.

We have reviews on our own website here.  There are currently 13.  These are (IMHO) more reflective of our razor and it’s performance.  But, I would say that, wouldn’t I!

Alternatively you can check out this Hyperglide review from respected men’s grooming journalist, Lee Kynaston.

Or this video review by male grooming blogger, Robin James.  With 4,700+ views, 100+ likes & 2 dislikes, it’s clear what his view is on it.

Alternatively, you may live in the USA, and want a native American’s view on it.  Well, ‘Mantic59 is renowned for his objective opinion on all things razor sharp, read his review here   Is it a ‘game changer’ or not?  We’ll see, for sure!

I’d LOVE you to review Hyperglide personally.  And let ME know what you think.  You can do this by tweeting me out on the twitter, or of course leaving a comment on our facebook page (UK page here, US page here).

After all, it’s YOUR opinion and experience of our revolutionary new razor that counts.  Not someone elses.  After all, opinions are like butt-holes.  Everybody has one.  Just Saying.

King of Shaves Hyperglide.  Join our Revolubetion.  Just add water!

King of Shaves Back in Target and on-line at Target.com | Shave America Better

Hyperglide at TargetTo say I’m delighted after a nigh on two year absence we’re back with King of Shaves at Target in the USA would be a massive understatement.

Having been in the vanguard of men’s grooming products for nearly 21 years (click this link to see our history/back catalogue of products) and at Target since 2000, it was ‘gut-wrenching’ when as part of our ill-fated distribution dalliance with Remington we were de-listed.

But that was then, and this is NOW!  My three favourite King of Shaves products, AlphaOil, AlphaGel and Hyperglide are available at 200 Target stores (more coming later this year, hopes!) and of course on-line at Target.com.

Within the next few months, we will also have our shave.com site optimised both for ecommerce & subscription in the USA as well as the UK, with all the benefits that go with that.

Congratulations to Lee and our US team on getting us up and running with my favourite US mass-channel retailer.

A Genuine And Delightful To Read Post About New Hyperglide.