Personal Observation

My boss has an iPad…

…and of course I want one. I doubted it at first but the more I thought about the iPad the more I could see a use for it in my household where three of us ‘fight’ for the one laptop. Another device to do email, the web and Facebook ‘where-ever’ in the house would be great but I certainly don’t want to fork out for another laptop (and the programs that would be required). However I will be waiting until version 2 of the iPad is released, ideally with two cameras (one front facing, one pointing at you) so I can use it for video chat.

Until then I have had to content myself with reading all about the iPad in depth here.


How clients talk to graphic designers… well, sometimes…

Seen on the Creative Review Blog:

Another Tactical Advert

Not as good as Veet’s, but still a nice example.


“Hello, I’m a PC”

Microsoft’s advertising campaign in the US has now moved on from the surreal Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates adverts buying shoes and living in an ‘ordinary’ household (which I quite like but then I was a Seinfeld fan) to ones which seem to take on Apple’s “Hello, I’m a Mac” adverts head on.

Although showing the wide use of PCs, and the adverts also feature email addresses for all of the ‘real’ people shown in them, to me it has missed the point.

Microsoft does not make PCs. It makes operating systems and programs that run on a PC. And increasingly PCs are used to run other operating systems including Linux – and are even being hacked to run Apple’s OS X. So they are spending a lot of money advertising something they don’t sell. Doh.

It transpires even the adverts were created on Apple Macintosh computers. Read about that here.

The Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld adverts (arguably about ‘nothing’ just like the Seinfeld TV shows):

And some of the original “Hello I’m a Mac” adverts can be seen below. Not that they are to be held up as great advertising, they can be slightly irritating, but they do get their points across. And they are definitely advertising Apple products.

Bottled Water – The Next Step…?

After the efforts of Tap in the UK to persuade us that purchasing bottled water is not only daft considering the generally very high quality of UK tap water (and indeed water in the ‘western‘ world), and the huge environmental impact of shipping water around the globe, not to mention the ‘carbon footprint’ from bottling water and then throwing the bottles into land fill, and last (but not least) the fact the direct cost to you (I read that bottled water is actually more expensive than petrol) it was interesting to read that a New York company, TapdNY, has started selling local NYC purified tap water. I do like the design, bold city influenced graphics, with a great tag lines such as “no glaciers were harmed making this water”.


However I think Tap in the UK is environmentally better, selling empty containers and stickers to encourage you to use water in your own home (the NYC version still has to be shipped in trucks at somepoint).


I read an interesting article on this subject in The Guardian. You can read it here.

At KMI we are concerned about the fact the many products are mainly comprised of water and that we are all paying to ship a lot of water based ‘stuff’ around the UK and the world. We are actively investigating ways around this… stay tuned for more news… but until then I was reminded that our first product, a 15ml Shave Oil first produced 15 years ago and still going strong today, is arguably one of the most environmentally friendly ways to shave. Despite it’s compact size, you can get around 60+ shaves from just one bottle. It’s light weight means a much reduced carbon footprint both in terms of manufacturing as well as shipping. The packaging is also made from (at least) 75% recycled plastics (like old fizzy drink bottles) and it is, of course, all fully recyclable.