Updating King of Shaves Shave.com Website

We revised shave.com back in 2009 with the help of the top digital agency Glue Isobar (formally Anorak) and the time has come for us to move on. Although cutting edge back then, such is the pace of change of web design the content management system (CMS) was starting to feel its age and was not as flexible as we would have wished.

At King of Shaves we were still happy with the look-and-feel Glue Isobar had produced for us so we worked with Rees Kenyon Design to migrate the design to a new CMS that will hopefully provide a solid foundation for the site over the foreseeable future. We have taken the opportunity to add some new areas including a long needed news section and customer testimonials.

You can see some screen grabs below (click on an image to view a larger version) or you can visit the site at www.shave.com

shave.com 2012 Screengrab 1