Azor S Sensitive System Razor now in-store

Launched to the press back in August, the Azor S Sensitive System Razor is now starting to appear in-store in the UK.

Designed especially for sensitive, problem or dry skin, the unique flexible hinge has been re-engineered so that it utilises a softer Elastomer. This “Bendology Technology” allows the incredibly flexible hinge to gently, yet progressively, hold the four long-lasting Endurium coated blades against the skin without any undue pressure, giving a very comfortable and smooth shave thus making it the ideal razor choice for men with skin prone to razor burn, breakouts and skin irritations.

The Azor S also features a larger skin pre-tensioner that sweeps across the skin’s surface lifting hairs for a better shave whilst reducing the risk of unwanted nicks and cuts. The handle has been re-designed with the addition of side creases for improved grip and there is now a new soft-touch cartridge ejector release making it even easier to change blades – not that you will be doing that very often as our Endurium coated blades last longer!

The pack has been widened slightly so as to fit in the spring-loaded displays that some retailers have. The design features a new subtle background ‘S’ which is based on the original ‘swoosh’ used on the original slimmer Azor packs. The board has an in-line matt seal whilst the ‘S’ and the logos are picked out with a spot gloss UV varnish.