New website launched today

Designed by top London digital agency, Anorak, today saw the launch of the brand new King of Shaves consumer website

Over a year in the making the site features a sleek new design, informative Flash animation, interactive product selectors as well as the usual mix of informative shaving and skincare tips, top viral games and, of course, Will King’s famous blog.


A chapter closes
With the new site going live it brings to close a chapter in King of Shaves history. Our first website went live back in 1998 when Will Carling was endorsing King of Shaves and the internet browser wars were first hotting up, the site was optimised for Internet Explorer 3 or Netscape Navigator 3 (anything else just wouldn’t cut-it)!


How it started
I got involved in 1999 when I still worked at Ambleglow, a small Berkshire based design and advertising agency. I basically told a white lie to Will King and said I could build a much better website so I sat down with my copy of GoLive’s CyberStudio 3, and armed with dangerously little knowledge of HTML, every evening after work for about three months I proceeded to bodge together a new website and an online store design.

1247-shave_2000-thumb-220x354-1246.jpg 1250-shave_2003-thumb-220x352-1249.jpg

An amazing programmer, Olly Stephens, marshalled by his wife Anneke (who was heavily involved with customer care and webby ‘stuff’ back then and for many years after) took my HTML and turned it into a fully functioning website and online store which in those days was no mean feat. Especially as Will and me kept changing everything. Every five minutes.

That design and Olly’s amazing “ahead of its generation” code stood the test of time. The store was eventually replaced in 2008 (though Olly made many under-the-hood changes to keep it hack-proof and reliable), I only really changed the graphics once. You can read more about the store here.

1253-shave_2005-thumb-220x357-1252.jpg 1256-shave_2007-thumb-220x335-1255.jpg

Although it has taken until August 2009 to finally replace my (frankly dated) design with something that is much more modern, stylish and reflects the performance of our products, here at King of Shaves we are all really excited by our new revamped site. We look forward to your comments.

We couldn’t have done it without you
Olly and Anneke are still involved in running one of our servers, maintaining the blogs, forum, corporate sites, other miscellaneous sites including the upcoming (as well as some KMI Brands sites), but it’s the end of a (small) era with the launch of the new However we would not have been there back in 1999, well ahead of the game, without Anneke and Olly. Thanks guys.

Oh, and if you are interested in seeing more of what our site(and others) have looked like through the ages, then visit