New colourways for King of Shaves AlphaGels

We last looked at the colourways for King of Shaves AlphaGels in early 2008. Then we had settled on Pantone Process Blue as the signature colourway for the ‘Alpha’ platform. The different colour of the gel would help signpost the variants in the range.

However we made a mistake. Consumers were confused, when displayed on-shelf the bulk colours of the Super Cooled Menthol variant was too similar to the Antibacterial versions. Unfortunately the long lead time on ordering and printing new tubes (between 12 and 18 weeks!) and our production cycles has meant we’ve only now had the opportunity to correct this error. We have selected a much brighter green for the cooling menthol AlphaGel and a more restrained ‘medical’ green/blue for the antibacterial gel. The colours look fantastic on shelf, with great stand-off and this time we know the sign-posting for consumers is spot-on.