Coincidental coordination…?

I have noticed that recently in the KMI head-office there has been a high incidence of (apparently) coincidental jumper coordination amongst some of the male staff.

As a graphic designer you should always carry a sketchbook with you, and the modern equivalent, the digital camera. I have to admit that I am not perfect at this but having recently purchased a slim Nikon Coolpix S7c because its small size means I have ‘no excuse’ not to have it with me, I have managed to capture some of these ‘duos’…

First up is Chris (Brand Manager for Fish Hair Styling) and Spencer, member of the design team, in matching cream:

Then we have Duncan from the Production Team, with Spencer (again) in coordinating pastels:

Finally in this little series we have Chris and Dan (Ted Baker Team) who were caught (admittedly not together) but close enough as makes no difference:

I am assured there is no collusion, but I should watch-out for “tank-top Thursday”…

PS: I should have done more research and instead of purchasing the Nikon I should have got the Panasonic DMC-TZ3EB-K which my regular photographer uses as his holiday ‘point and shoot’ camera.