Queen Of… Prostyle Packaging

Launched exclusively at Boots is our new funky Queen Of… Prostyle range. Following on from the men’s Prostyle range, the women’s takes styling cues from the Queen Of… Shaving Gels however we have endeavoured to add a bit more style and finesse to the packs whilst not losing the bright colours and slightly playful nature of the range. Design and artwork was all done in-house.

Queen of Prostyle Packs

New Look for King of Shaves Website

With the launch of our new King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor we wanted to integrate our online store (www.kingofshavesdirect.com) and consumer website (www.shave.com) into one site. We also wanted to make the site ‘cleaner’ looking and simplify the navigation. We worked with Rees Kenyon Design to code and build the responsive site, integrating an e-commerce system with our chosen CMS, whilst we concentrated on overhauling all the graphics and updating the content. The project was given the go ahead at the beginning of November 2012 and thanks to many a long hour spent at the keyboard by Rees Kenyon Design, the new site and online shop went live on 16 January 2014 to coincide with the Hyperglide launch at Sketch in London.

A quick thank you…
The new online store meant we had to say “goodbye” to Paraspar, the specialists who had helped us with our previous iteration back in 2007. They were instrumental in helping build our online presence and we have really appreciated their support and professionalism over the years.

shave.com Home Page

Hyperglide System Razor Packaging

The new King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor was launched to the press this evening. It features a unique patented superhydrophilic self-lubricating cartridge that creates its own slippery HydroGel over the entire front shaving surface when it comes into contact with water, delivering amazing shave glide, comfort and closeness.

The handle packaging was designed to be stylish and minimal, much like the Hyperglide razor itself, whilst displaying the product as clearly as possible to the consumer. The construction was designed in conjunction with New Vision Packaging whilst the graphics were all designed and artworked in-house by the team at King of Shaves. The outer carton and vac form is constructed from 50% recycled PET (which can of course be recycled again) with integral feet, hanging hook and defined area for a security tag. The inner bright white card ‘sleeve’ is sourced from sustainable forests and is printed in CMYK with two custom metallic special colours and is finished with a smooth matt laminate and a spot gloss UV varnish picking out the Hyperglide coating on the cartridge head. The outside of the sleeve features computer generated imagery of the razor along with custom icon illustrations. Full instructions are printed on the inside.

The replacement cartridge pack has similar construction and print specifications but features a wraparound card inner that holds the cartridge tray in-place. The card also has simple icon-driven instructions on how to change cartridges and attach the blade guard that comes with the handle to the cartridge tray.


Hyperglide System Razor Packaging

Prostyle eGrooming Range

Earlier in the year we commissioned a range of functional design-led electrical grooming and styling products for men called Prostyle. Featuring rubberised non-slip handles and unique features including LCD power displays on some of the range, we also designed bespoke packaging that allows the products to be easily viewed by consumers.

The design has been kept clean and stylish using colour on the product names and sides to sign-post the products. The large clear cartons / vac forms allow the product to come to the fore. Artwork was created in-house. You can find out more about more about the King of Shaves Prostyle range at www.shave.com/prostyle.

King of Shaves Prostyle eGrooming Range 2013

Wingman Multi-Gels

Wingman was originally a range of specialist wet wipes for men invented by Stuart Jolley. Wingman is now diversifying into clothing and other innovative grooming products including a new “3-in-1 Multi-Gel”. King of Shaves took a stake in the company back in 2009 and as well as providing formulations we also designed the pack graphics and produced final artwork for the 450ml / 250ml custom bottles and the 50ml travel sized tubes.

Wingman Multi-Gel 250ml Bottles

Wingman Multi-Gel 50ml Tubes